WPC policy recommendations for combating impact of COVID-19


Welcome to the one-stop list of publications from WPC staff related to the COVID-19 challenge.  Publications are ordered by center of research, with the most-recent publication at the top of each respective section. Check back regularly for updated policy recommendations.
Critical Publications:



from WPC's Health Care Policy Analyst Dr. Roger Stark, MD, FACS




from Center for Small Business Director, Mark Harmsworth


Requiring business to enforce state mask rule is impractical and an overburdensome use of government authority - July 6

Small Business Paycheck Protection Program has been extended to August 8 - July 6

Washington’s Employment Security Department has admitted that its running out of money - June 30

Wireless networks have kept Americans connected during the Pandemic - June 26

After COVID - work will look different - June 5

Employers know how to operate safely during COVID-19 - June 3

Unemployment hits a record high and the trust fund balance is in freefall - May 21



From the Director of the Center for Government Reform, Jason Mercier



From Center for Education Director, Liv Finne

State Board of Education and state Superintendent cut education service hours to students, providing new reason to give parents $3000 to educate each child - November 16

Officials set a COVID-19 standard for re-opening schools that may be impossible to meet - September 22

Giving parents $3,000 to educate their children during COVID would reduce inequities in public education - August 19

Parents are demanding schools reopen; the state should provide parents $3,000 education vouchers for each child - August 13

Parents should get a $3,000 education voucher if schools stay closed this fall - July 23

Seattle Public Schools and other districts announce they won’t reopen schools this fall - July 22

Parents and students need new learning options since public schools may not open this fall - June 17

To avoid ongoing harm to children, schools should open this fall - June 3

In the midst of COVID-19 crisis, the WEA union can help fix the state budget; here’s how - June 2

WEA union is seeking protection from COVID-19 budget cuts - May 22

Increasing school choice: 40 percent of parents more likely to want homeschooling or online school after COVID - May 20

Superintendent Reykdal denies 780 families funding to attend online public schools - May 14

Amid coronavirus lock-downs, many families are finding that homeschooling is better for their children - May 12

As families struggle with COVID-19 lock-down and closed schools, Everett School Board members give out pay raises - May 7

Union front group doesn't like online discussion of ideas to improve the schools - May 4. 2020

Superintendent Reykdal says after COVID schools may drop letter grades and use an automatic minimum instead - May 1

Seattle School Board votes to give only A's or Incompletes to all high school students during COVID-19 - April 22

School districts respond to coronavirus with property tax relief - April 14

Since the governor has closed schools for the year, parents should receive some of the remaining education funding to help them access learning services for children - April 7

COVID-19 education aid should go to families, not to school administrators - March 31



From Coles Center for Transportation Director Mariya Frost

(Published in The Lens) - March 26


From Center for the Environment Director Todd Myers


An irresponsible silence about King County’s spike in COVID transmission - August 13


Washington state flying blind on COVID testing and vulnerable populations - August 10

Data ignorance is making COVID restrictions worse than they need to be - July 24

After months of stagnation, Washington's COVID testing increases - July 2

Fair closures effect youth development, food security, rural economies - June 26

Washington’s COVID-19 testing collapses and governor abandons his “dials” after just one month - June 5

One month later, Washington's COVID-19 dashboard is already irrelevant - May 22

The governor's unscientific and misleading COVID-19 dials - May 14

The government wants restaurants to be part of the nanny state - May 12

Time to reopen recreational fishing - April 27

Puget Sound air quality has not improved despite lockdown - April 24

Remove regulatory friction to accelerate economic recovery - April 6

Technology proving more effective at reducing electricity demand than COVID-19 - March 31

As states, cities, and grocery chains ban reusable bags, governor to consider bill promoting them-  March 25




From the Director of Washington Policy Center's Initiative on Agriculture, Pam Lewison

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