CTIA and the wireless industry launches Connecting Kids to help school districts with remote learning

May 1, 2020

On April 27th, 2020, Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) and the wireless industry launched the Connecting Kids Initiative to help simplify the process for children to participate in distance learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

The program focuses on:

  • Partnering with school districts across the country to connect hundreds of thousands of kids and assists with the set up of remote learning solutions.
  • Providing a new clearinghouse-like function to give a simple tool for school districts to get connected with all of the participating carriers serving their community.
  • Calling on Congress to deliver $2B in dedicated funding to help get kids learning from home. 

This is a great private/public partnership that will have a positive effect on improving remote learning for kids stuck at home during the crisis.

It shows how the free market is able to help in times of need.