Washington Policy Center (WPC) is an independent, non-profit think tank that promotes sound public policy based on free-market solutions.

Mission: WPC improves lives of Washingtonians by promoting high-quality, non-partisan, evidence-based research to advance policy solutions for a better Washington state.

Headquartered in Seattle with satellite offices and full-time staff in Olympia and Eastern Washington, Washington Policy Center publishes studies, sponsors events and conferences and educates citizens on the vital public policy issues facing our region. WPC has an annual budget of more than $4 million and a full-time staff of 25. Broadcast, print, and online media throughout Washington and across the nation cover WPC's work regularly and seek out its policy experts for analysis and commentary. In addition, lawmakers routinely invite WPC to testify before legislative committees.

Through its research centers, Washington Policy Center focuses on eight core areas of public policy:

At WPC we believe ideas, supported by sound research and promoted through publications, conferences and the media, over time, create an environment in which policymakers and citizens make sound public policy decisions.

In 2013, WPC launched our inaugural issue of Viewpoint, a magazine which highlights the work of our research centers as well as the WPC's impact across Washington state.


Be sure to watch the 20th Anniversary Washington Policy Center Impact video that was premiered at both Dinner events. Learn about WPC’s impact on public policy over the last 20 years and their plans for the future in this short video.