WPC statement on WA state impact of Janus labor union Supreme Court case

Sep 28, 2017

Washington Policy Center is excited to learn of the US Supreme Court's decision today to agree to hear Mark Janus' legal challenge to being forced to pay union dues and fees.  WPC believes that no one should live in fear of being fired for not wanting to give money to a union. 

Washington Policy Center hopes this landmark case is the vehicle that finally frees public employees across the country from being forced to support an organization with which many of them fundamentally disagree.  Just as labor unions should have the right to organize and represent workers, so too should workers have the right to not pay a union for representation they do not want. 

“As one of 22 states without a right to work law that gives workers choice, a ruling in favor of Janus would be especially meaningful for the thousands of public sectors workers in our state who currently have no choice,” said Washington Policy Center’s Erin Shannon who directs the organization’s labor reform efforts.

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