Michael Gallagher departs Washington Policy Center to drive Pacific Northwest stage of growth for Intrepidity

Feb 7, 2024

For Immediate Release: 

Michael Gallagher, President & CEO of Washington Policy Center, has announced his departure from WPC and return to the technology policy arena.  Over the past two years, Gallagher, former Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Commerce and 12-year head of the U.S. video game trade association, led WPC through a strategic building and transition phase.  Gallagher expressed a desire to expand his involvement in the AI revolution, as well as his influence on policy in the political arena beyond the charitable boundaries of WPC. 

“Mike is a change agent, and I am grateful for his contributions to Washington Policy Center and for his commitment to our cause,” said Greg Porter, 2024 Chairman of the Board of WPC. “His energy and enthusiasm amplified the free market movement across the state. He leaves WPC with a dynamite team ready for the opportunities ahead.”  

“Washington Policy Center is the GPS for truth in Washington and we took that truth to the front lines of issues that matter to Washington families and businesses across the state,” said Gallagher, who has agreed to work with WPC as an advisor through the transition process. He explained that his 25-year background in tech policy in and out of government, presented new opportunities and challenges that he could not ignore. “Today, the Pacific Northwest is leading the world in AI innovation with global economic implications and changes that are moving much faster than prior technology shifts,” Gallagher explained. “We have much at stake as other nations and governments seek to control our future.  The same free market values that led me to WPC will inspire Intrepidity as we shape policy that will have consequences for generations.” Intrepidity is Gallagher’s strategic consulting and investment firm. 

WPC is also pleased to announce Steven Hatting, WPC’s Chief Revenue Officer, will assume the role of Interim President & CEO.  Mr. Porter added, “Steven is an accomplished leader in philanthropy and has brought a top of class focus to the Washington Policy Center.  We are grateful for his leadership in the high impact year ahead.”