The City of Seattle... Dying or thriving?

Join us this Thursday to hear from national and local thoughts leaders on how to respond to Seattle’s Homeless Issue. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in networking, Q&A, and hear from our speakers in a civil panel discussion.

This event is open to the community.  Ticket includes first drink and snacks.

Unfortunately, due to pushback from city activists, Peddler Brewing is no longer hosting our event. We are dismayed that the climate of civil discourse in Seattle is such that any venue would feel pressured to cancel an event aimed at a multi-sided discussion of an important public issue.  It solidifies our belief that civil discourse is lacking and diversity of views are not encouraged in the city of Seattle. We wish the Peddler Brewing Company well and hope this situation sparks a self-reflection within the Ballard community that results in greater listening to those with differing views. At Washington Policy Center, we strongly believe that disagreement doesn’t have to be disagreeable. Looking ahead, we are excited about our new venue and look forward to providing a platform for a constructive, informative conversation on an issue that is defining the city and the region.

For additional details please contact YP Director, Miranda Hawkins at or 509-954-2449

See you Thursday!

Featured Speakers:

Chris Rufo - Film Director, Research Fellow at Discovery Institute



Chad Mackay - CEO of Fire and Vine Hospitality



Sara Rankin - Associate Professor & Director, Homeless Rights Advocacy Project (HRAP)



Amber Matthai - Featured in Komo Seattle is Dying video. Neighborhood experience with low barrier encampments

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