Union executives may use strikes to close Evergreen (Clark) schools over pay demands

Aug 14, 2018

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Teachers at Evergreen (Clark) already average $66 an hour, while workers in Vancouver who pay their salaries make $33 an hour

Key Findings

  1. Teachers in Evergreen (Clark) School District are paid on average $66 an hour, including benefits.
  2. The workers who pay their salaries are paid on average $33 an hour, including benefits.
  3. Union executives are using the threat of illegal school strikes to demand higher pay.                                            
  4. The current compensation system for teachers is not fair to teachers or students.
  5. Washington Policy Center recommends discarding the rigid wage ladder, and doubling the pay of the best teachers.
  6. Teacher pay is also limited by the hiring practices of the Evergreen (Clark) School District, where only 49 percent of employees are teachers.


This summer officials at 250 of the state’s 295 school districts are renegotiating work contracts with teachers and other school personnel. The WEA teachers union wants up to 21 percent more money for teachers and 37 percent in pay raises for non-teachers. WEA executives say they will close the schools by calling more school strikes this fall, although teacher strikes are illegal under state law. 

Union executives have targeted schools in six districts for closure.  These are schools in Seattle, Kent, Kennewick, Mukilteo, Evergreen (Clark County), and Washougal. Union executives want their own members to receive more money from public budgets, but that does not mean current pay levels are unfair or too low.

Even in Seattle, officials see the union’s money demands unreasonable.  As Seattle Deputy Superintendent Stephen Nielsen says, “We don’t have the money to do that.”

Download the full Policy Note

Click here for the full Policy Note that examines teacher pay statewide

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