Strike hits Seattle schools again

Feb 6, 2018

Federal data show a child in Washington state is more likely to face school closures and disruptions caused by union action than children in any other state. Yet another strike has hit Seattle schools. Today is the fifth day of the bus drivers’ strike. Seattle’s teachers will join the drivers tomorrow afternoon. 

School choice helps parents avoid strikes that disrupt the education of children. For example, in Illinois, Indiana, Florida, and in 15 other states, parents can get a tax credit scholarship to educate their children in a private school. Ohio, Wisconsin, Maryland, 13 other states and the District of Columbia offer parents vouchers or scholarships to pay private school tuition. Arizona, North Carolina, Florida and three other states offer parents Education Savings Accounts so parents can hire tutors, buy curriculum or pay tuition to educate their children. Washington state and 42 other states offer parents access to public charter schools and online schools. 

School choice helps families get a quality education for their children, so they can avoid strikes and arguments among adults.