Remote testimony options for 2022 Legislative Session


The 2022 Legislative Session is now officially closed to in-person participation for both the public and lawmakers. It is set to be conducted remotely via Brady Bunch Zoom. As with last year, every legislative committee will be offering remote testimony options. You have the option of testifying live via video conference or phone, submitting written comments and/or just noting for the record whether you are for or against a bill. Here are some of the rules of the road you should be aware of if testifying live remotely:

  • “Registering to testify does not guarantee you a chance to speak or speak at specific times.”
  • “The committee Chair may limit public testimony (for example, one minute per testifier) due to time constraints. Be prepared to testify at any point during the hearing.”
  • “Maintain proper committee protocol, which includes waiting to be acknowledged by the committee Chair before speaking, ensuring testimony and any objects appearing in the background of video feeds are respectful and professional, and following rules for testimony established by the Chair.”

Here are a couple of resources worth bookmarking to help with remote testimony participation during the 2022 Legislative Session:

There were a couple of hiccups last year with citizens being muted too quickly midsentence without a courtesy request to conclude their testimony. Hopefully that quick mute trigger that was on display by some committee Chairs last session will be replaced instead with a reminder to quickly finish one’s thoughts before receiving a Zoom hook.  

Whether in-person or remote, the legislature works for you and is only successful with your consent and participation. It is up to you to make your voices heard.

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