Lincoln County embraces collective bargaining transparency

Sep 8, 2016

Lincoln County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution on Tuesday, September 6th to require transparency for all the county’s collective bargaining compensation talks with its public employees. This may be the first contract transparency resolution of its kind in the state.

According to the resolution

“From this day forward, Lincoln County shall conduct all collective bargaining contract negotiations in a manner that is open to the public; AND Lincoln County shall provide public notice of all collective bargaining negotiations in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act (RCW 42.30.060 - 42.30.080) . . .”

Lincoln County is located in Eastern Washington near Spokane.

State and local employment contracts should not be negotiated in secret,” said Jason Mercier, Government Reform Director for Washington Policy Center. “The public provides the money for these agreements and taxpayers should be allowed to know the details.”

Adopting collective bargaining transparency is a long standing priority of Washington Policy Center and the recommendation is featured in the fifth edition of the Center’s Policy Guide

“Lincoln County is to be commended for bringing these talks out of the dark and into the light of day,” said Mercier. “This is a fantastic open government reform and one that all Washington counties, cities and the state should embrace as well.”

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