How connected, personal technologies are helping save money and the planet

Apr 8, 2021

Earth Day is two weeks away and we are certain to hear many politicians promise that expanding government power is the key to addressing the risk from climate change. Despite those promises, politically driven efforts are frequently ineffective.

Individuals and businesses have more power than ever to take action to reduce environmental impact and even save money while doing it. Rather than top-down political approaches, personal technology connected to smartphones empowers environmental action that is more effective and targeted.

Here’s an interview I did recently with Emil Ekvardt from, explaining the opportunity we have to bring environmental action into the 21st Century.

While the US government has used broad-brush legislation to clean up air pollution and improve water quality, a top-down approach isn’t always the answer. For example, I explained that smart thermostats empower the individual to take action on climate change by offering real-time updates on how they heat their homes. Monitoring inefficiencies on a smartphone, users can make decisions that save them money and reduce energy waste.

Listen to the whole interview to find out how you can make a real difference in your community with small, effective eco-friendly actions governed by technology.