HB 2331 would defund schools that do not adopt controversial curriculum mandated by the state

Feb 8, 2024

The state House of Representatives may soon vote on HB 2331, a bill to defund school districts refusing to adopt controversial curriculum materials mandated by the state.

Since 2019 the state legislature has passed laws encouraging school districts to teach the false and divisive Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in public schools. Many local schools object to adopting textbooks and materials that promote harmful ideas to children. HB 2331 would give the state superintendent the power to cut state funding if he does not approve of the classroom materials chosen by local schools.

HB 2331 would effectively repeal the state law that says local schools should choose textbooks and materials that are best for children. The bill would further damage the reputation of public education as a place which serves all children, regardless of race and background, on an equal and respectful basis.

Many parents are concerned about the radical leftwing political shift in schools.  The families of 46,000 students have already left public education. The bill would tell families that their local school is not responsive to the community, adding to the trend of families leaving the public system. 

For more information, see our Legislative Memo on this bill.