The disturbing effort to mandate racialist Critical Race Training in public schools to promote division and intolerance

Mar 30, 2021

I have been researching Critical Race Theory, and current political efforts to require staff and students in public schools, universities and medical schools to be indoctrinated in this divisive and extreme ideology. The state legislature is now considering three bills to require staff and educators to agree to this ideology in Washington’s public education institutions: SB 5044, SB 5227, and SB 5228.

Yesterday I ran across this video, posted last summer online by WGBH, Boston’s local NPR affiliate:

The video provides a glimpse into the attitudes of the people pushing this ideology upon the schools. If SB 5044, SB 5227, and SB 5228 are passed into law, and this thinking is forced upon Washington’s public education system, many more families will pull their children out of the public schools to protect their children.  Public schools have already lost about 40,000 students. 

Re-introducing regressive and segregationist ideas into public education are an attempt to turn back the clock, and will create one more incentive for families to leave.



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