SB 5427, to provide up to $2,000 for people to report their neighbors for “hate crimes” and “bias incidents”

Jan 18, 2024

Key Findings

  1. SB 5427 would offer people a reward of up to $2,000 to report their neighbors, co-workers, family members and other people in the community for a “hate crime” or “bias incident.” 
  2. The bill would create a hotline to the state Attorney General’s office for this purpose. 
  3. The dollar reward would create an incentive to report incidents even when there is no evidence a criminal violation had occurred. 
  4. The bill would create the possibility that informants will simply report people they don’t like to get them in trouble with the Attorney General.
  5. Under the bill the term “bias incident” can include “expressions” and other verbal statements, raising civil rights concerns about criminalizing First Amendment-protected speech.
  6. The bill provides no process for accused people to clear their names. 
  7. This bill creates a financial incentive for people to judge each other, creating a suspicious, hostile environment in classrooms, workplaces and in the community.


SB 5427 would create a special hotline to the Attorney General’s office and provide an incentive of up to $2,000 per claim to people who report to authorities that they have knowledge of a “hate crime” or “bias incident” committed by a neighbor, co-worker, family member or others residing in their community. 


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