Initiative to the Legislature attempts to rid workers of WA Cares, payroll tax


Let’s Go Washington is taking aim at the WA Cares Fund and a payroll tax that workers started paying this month with an initiative campaign. 

Initiative 2124, an initiative to the Legislature, would make participation in WA Cares optional instead of mandatory and allow workers a way out of the state-imposed, insurance-like program at any time. That would be welcome news to many people who have other life needs that demand the attention of their monthly incomes. 

This should be interesting. I like the idea of giving lawmakers another chance to find ways to help the state’s Medicaid budget when it comes to long-term care without harming workers. That includes low-income workers who can’t afford a pay decrease and shouldn’t be getting one for a service they might never need or qualify for, especially when the state budget is showing a surplus

The initiative, if it gathers enough signatures, would bring the proposal to lawmakers. The Washington state Legislature could then act on the proposal and pass it into law without a vote of the people. If they don’t act on the proposal, it is placed on the ballot for a vote of the people in the next general election. Lawmakers can also create and offer their own measure along with the initiative proposal in the next election. (An Initiative to the People is different, requiring a direct vote on the issue if it receives enough signatures.)

Read the text of Initiative 2124 and see other initiatives proposed by Let's Go Washington here

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