HB 2180: to require truth-in-labeling that informs consumers of the true cost of gas and taxes

Apr 5, 2017


Consumers have a right to know, understand and verify the taxes that they are paying at the pump. In Washington state, the real price of gas, before state and federal gas taxes are applied, is hidden from consumers. As a result, the advertised dollar price is much higher than the true price of the product. 

Gasoline is one of the few retail products that are treated this way. This method of pricing, which hides the taxes consumers must pay at the pump, makes it difficult for people to know how much of their dollars go to the state and to the federal government to pay for transportation infrastructure. Consequently, the invisibility of gas taxes makes it difficult for the public to assess the performance of lawmakers and public transportation agencies, and to hold them accountable for how transportation tax dollars are spent.  

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