Context and the Corry-requested advisory

Jun 23, 2023

Today an advisory opinion was released by the Washington State Legislative Ethics Board that expressed concerns about Chris Corry serving in the Legislature and being employed by WPC as Center for Government Reform Director. The advisory was requested by Chris Corry to make sure he stays in compliance with the Legislature's ethics standards.

Prior to his coming on board WPC, both Chris and WPC sought counsel advice to ensure compliance with all ethics rules. WPC does not ask for, or receive state funding so there is no concern of a direct economic interest. Prior to moving forward with Chris, outside positions held by other legislators were looked at for comparison, which gave us confidence we could move ahead.  Further, as part of the agreement prior to employment, WPC and Chris Corry agreed that Corry would not be lobbying on WPC's behalf. WPC is a 501c3, where, by law, lobbying is minimal and reported. 

While the Board's advisory determined there was a conflict, they are also open to receiving clarification and new information.  We are confident that when the board receives the factual and legal clarification on the parameters of Chris’s position, all parties will be in full compliance.


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