A few bills that didn't make the cut

Feb 2, 2024

The following bills failed to pass in committee before the legislative cut-off date of January 31st.  These bills are technically “dead” for the year, although House and Senate leaders can always resurrect a bill putting it into the budget bill that is passed late in the session. The 2024 legislative session is scheduled to end on March 8th.

  • SB 5961 – to impose statewide rent control limiting rent increases to 5% a year.
    (Note: a version of this bill passed in a House committee, so statewide rent control may come up again later in the session)
  • SB 5427, “Hate crimes” bounty bill, to pay up to $2,000 to people who report their neighbors for “bias incidents”
  • SB 2150, to keep the name of Donald J. Trump off the presidential ballot in Washington state
  • SB 5770, to repeal the voter-approved 1% property tax-increase limit and replace it with a 3% limit
  • HB 2030, to let prisoners serving time vote, serve on juries and run for public office
  • HB 2177, to put a sex offender on the State Sex Offender Policy Board
  • HB 1868, to ban small gas motors used in outdoor equipment
  • HB 6064, to effectively ban pets from rental properties by limiting how much landlords can charge for pet damage to a unit.

We will keep monitoring the session to see what bills do move forward, and if any of these or other ideas are resurrected in the budget process. 

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