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State asks if Court will fine taxpayers for McCleary response

July 14, 2014 in Blog

Circle your calendars for September 3. That is the date we'll start to get a feel for if the state is on a crash course for a full-fledged constitutional crisis or if the respective branches of government will respect the separations of power. The first attempt to back off the current dangerous path was filed last Friday when the state submitted its brief arguing against several proposals to hold the state in contempt concerning its response to the McCleary school funding lawsuit.

Does separation of powers still matter?

July 2, 2014 in Blog

As we kick off our 4th of July festivities it's a good time to reflect on the founding of our country. What better way to do that than to dust off the farewell speech of the first U.S. President George Washington.

AP reports on Dorn effort to stop children from attending better schools or receiving free tutoring

July 1, 2014 in Blog

The Associated Press (AP) reported on Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn’s announcement yesterday that he wants to exempt Washington schools from the standards of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

The 2002 education reform law gives families assigned to schools that fall short the ability to select a better school for their children, receive free transportation and get free outside tutoring.

Superintendent Dorn seeks to deny parents access to school choice and free tutoring

June 30, 2014 in Blog

In a sternly-worded statement today, the state’s highest public education official, Superintendent Randy Dorn, announced he is seeking to keep parents from learning about school choice and free tutoring services to which their children may be entitled under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Opening New Doors for Students: Washington's First Public Charter Schools

June 18, 2014 in In the News
Insider Online: Policy Ideas for Advancing Liberty
Insider Online: Policy Ideas for Advancing Liberty
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

McCleary plaintiffs urge Supreme Court into increasingly worrisome uncharted waters

June 16, 2014 in Publications

The McCleary plaintiffs, a group of unions, school districts, and parents, are urging the Supreme Court into increasingly worrisome unchartered waters. Their lawyer recently called on the Supreme Court to hold the Legislature in contempt, and impose fines if legislators do not convene a special session this year to increase funding for schools. The Court is also being urged to consider ordering the Legislature to: Prohibit spending on other parts of the budget, fund specific dollar amounts, sell State property, invalidate education cuts, and prohibit any funding of education (i.e.