WPC Young Professionals Mentorship Program

Washington Policy Center's Young Professionals Mentor Program is a brand-new way to engage with WPC’s vast network of business, politics, policy, and non-profit leaders.

Our Mentorship Program is designed to connect Young Professionals Gold Members and College Club Leaders with WPC Board of Directors and donors. Ensuring the next generation of our state’s leaders are fully equipped to handle the challenge of leading and advocating for public policy solutions as they embark on their careers. This program is for members looking to develop skills, knowledge, and wisdom, whether for career advancement or personal/professional development.

Submit the brief application above before February 10th and our team will do the rest, matching each mentor and mentee based upon city, industry, and areas of interest. After being matched participants will formally meet at our February 28th Mentorship Meet & Greet Event. From this initial meeting it is encouraged for mentors to independently establish about 12 meetings over 12 months, but this may vary depending on schedules. Mentors will receive a mentor guide with ideas and best practices for meetings; however, each mentor can decide how they would like to structure their sessions.

Please note: This program is only available to registered college or paid YP Gold members. If you’re unsure of your membership status contact YP Director Miranda Hawkins at 509-954-2449 or mhawkins@washingtonpolicy.org. If you would like to join as a Gold member you can do so HERE.

You will receive a follow-up email once we’ve secured your mentee/mentor and details for our February 28th Meet & Greet.

The primary objective of the WPC Mentor Program is to foster professional relationships, not to serve as a job search or informational interview platform. Aside from the initial meeting, the time commitment and expectations are up to the mentor and mentee.