WashingtonVotes.org to provide unmatched tools to track upcoming legislative session

Dec 29, 2017

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OLYMPIA—WashingtonVotes.Org will again provide complete coverage of every bill and amendment introduced in the upcoming legislative session as well as all recorded votes taken by lawmakers. The website features essential legislative tracking and search tools, including:

  •  A searchable database of all current bills, resolutions, amendments, and votes taken by legislators, including archives going back to the 2001 session.
  • Timely status updates of legislation on the move, including plain-language descriptions.
  • Free daily customized e-mail updates to subscribers.
  • Free, weekly Roll Call service to news outlets on key legislation, matched to the legislative districts they cover.
  • The “Missed Votes Report,” a popular feature that tabulates the total number of votes taken and missed by individual legislators. The report is distributed to news outlets after session ends, along with any comments by legislators on their voting record.
  • “My Legislators’ Key Votes,” a new feature that will enable users to enter their zip code and follow important votes by lawmakers representing their area.

WashingtonVotes.org also posts updates on key legislation on Facebook and Twitter and distributes“WashingtonVotes News” twice a week. This feature provides subscribers with more in-depth information and insights on evolving legislative issues and actions. Visit washingtonvotes.org to become a subscriber.

Since 2001, WashingtonVotes.org has provided a free public service from Washington Policy Center, a non-partisan, non-profit research and educational organization with four offices across Washington. The site’s director is Franz Wiechers-Gregory, a former Chief Clerk and director of non-partisan committee staff services in the Washington State House of Representatives.

State lawmakers return to Olympia on Monday, January 8, for a 60-day session. Washington’s legislature meets in a two-year cycle of 105 days in odd and 60 days in even numbered years.

Top issues that were unresolved last session include a biennial Capital Budget and action on the “Hirst” court decision concerning water access in rural areas of the state. More than 2,000 bills that were not acted upon last session will be re-introduced, along with more than 115 new measures that have been pre-filed so far for the 2018 session, including bills to regulate firearm “bump stocks” and salmon farming.

The special election this November resulted in control of the State Senate by Democrats (25-24). Control of the House remains with the Democrats under a slim 50-48 majority.

For more information, please contact franz@wavotes.org or visit washingtonvotes.org.


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