Statement on Dr. Krauthammer by WPC Chairman John Otter

Jun 8, 2018

We at Washington Policy Center were incredibly saddened today on Charles Krauthammer’s news that fate has chosen his course and not the one we had hoped.  “The verdict is final. My fight is over,” he said on the news of the return of an aggressive cancer that will likely take him from us in a matter of weeks.

Dr. Krauthammer made an indelible mark on WPC and contributed significantly to our success.  While he spoke at several our events, he delivered intellect, insight and wit to the daily debate that will never be matched.  As we have always hung on his next word, he never wavered from civility and always made us laugh.  For this, we are all better off.

Dr. Krauthammer, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

While only you could find the words that truly express our gratitude, we can only choose two: Thank you.