2018 Annual Dinner

On Friday, October 12, Washington Policy Center held its Western Washington Annual Dinner in Bellevue, breaking previous records for attendance and fundraising.   The sold-out crowd stretched capacity at over 1,200. An additional 332 under-40 guests attended the WPC Young Professionals Annual Dinner the same night, including 88 college students. Attendance was easily the best it has been since the event began more than 20 years ago, and with $1.1 million raised at the dinner, WPC fundraising shattered old records as well.

The complete speeches are available here via TVW.

For over 20 years, Washington Policy Center has held its Annual Dinner events as a way to bring people together to hear about how free-market solutions are improving lives not only in Washington state, but across the country.

WPC’s Annual Dinner events in Eastern and Western Washington are now must-attend evenings that attract more than 2,500 elected officials, business & community leaders, raising over $1 million to support WPC’s work. 

Past speakers include: US Education Secretary Betsy DeVosDefense Secretary General James Mattis, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Governor Scott Walker, Neil Cavuto, and many more free-market leaders. 


Western Washington speakers:

Hon. Newt Gingrich is one of the foremost economic, social, political and security-focused conservative thinkers alive today. Speaker Gingrich is well-known as the architect of the "Contract with America" that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994 by capturing the majority in the U.S. House for the first time in 40 years. As Speaker, he disrupted the status quo and transformed Washington DC. He led Congress to pass welfare reform, the first balanced budget in a generation, the first tax cut in 16 years, and measures to strengthen U.S. defense and intelligence capabilities – an action later lauded by the bipartisan 9/11 Commission. He now serves as an advisor to the National Space Council, a Fox News contributor, and a Senior Scientist at Gallup. Speaker Gingrich has published 36 fiction and nonfiction books including 15 New York Times bestsellers.

Kimberley Strassel is a member of the editorial board for The Wall Street Journal. She writes editorials, as well as the weekly Potomac Watch political column. She is a frequent commentator and panelist on "The Journal Editorial Report" on FOX News.
Ms. Strassel joined Dow Jones & Co. in 1994, working in the news department of The Wall Street Journal Europe in Brussels, and then in London. She moved to New York in 1999 and soon thereafter joined the Journal's editorial page, working as a features editor, and then as an editorial writer. She assumed her current position in 2005.
Ms. Strassel, a 2014 Bradley Prize recipient, is a regular contributor to Sunday political shows, including CBS's "Face the Nation," Fox News Sunday, and NBC's "Meet the Press." She is the author of "The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech," which chronicles recent attacks on conservative nonprofits, businesses and donors.

Champion of Freedom:

Representative Dan Kristiansen will be honored with our annual Champion of Freedom award for his outstanding work in championing small businesses and free-market values over the last decade. WPC’s board selected Rep. Kristiansen for this award in recognition of his leadership in the legislature, particularly as the Minority Leader.

Senator Michael Baumgartner  will be honored with our annual Champion of Freedom award for his outstanding commitment to free-market principles, worker rights and limited government, particularly in advancing labor reform in our state. WPC’s board chose Sen. Baumgartner for this award in recognition of his unwavering principled stand on numerous key issues during his many years in the State Senate.

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