What Others Say About WPC

“From Mukilteo to Spokane, your advocacy, your analysis, what keeps you going day-in and day-out helps to improve opportunities for families across your state. State-based centers like [WPC] are important in shaping policy because you have great ideas and you fight for them.”
  – Betsy DeVos, U.S. Secretary of Education

“What I’ve learned is the amazing reputation your organization has across the whole of the United States of America. That you are the number one state-based policy research organization in the USA and I congratulate you.”
  – Nigel Farage, European Union Parliament Member

“Washington Policy Center is one of the most distinguished state think tanks in the country and I commend you for supporting their work.”
  -Dr. Charles Krauthammer, FOX News Commentator & Syndicated Columnist 

“We need Washington Policy Center. We need think tanks, to calmly look at things and consider them, and bring forward good ideas because I’ll tell you – they aren’t going to come out of a government that is left to its own devices, this is a democracy for a reason.”
  -Gen. James N. Mattis, Secretary of Defense

"You've got to love Washington Policy Center. They just do some stunning work out there."
  - David Boze, KTTH Seattle radio host

"If there is another organization like yours around the country, I sure have not seen it."
  - Mitch Daniels, Indiana Governor

"Washington Policy Center plays a very significant role in forging public policy in Washington State."
  - Brian Sonntag, former Washington State Auditor

"I know my office, and in particular the Legislative Committee on Economic Development, which I chair, have found your research from your Small Business Project very beneficial in developing our priorities to assist small businesses with economic development."
  - Brad Owen, Washington State Lieutenant Governor

"Every day in Olympia people will come to my office and talk about problems. Washington Policy Center comes to Olympia and talks about solutions and a vision for moving Washington forward."
  - Doug Ericksen, Washington State Senate (R-Ferndale)

"Without the attention Washington Policy Center has paid to small businesses…on the issues of government regulation, I don’t think we would have near the attention we’ve had so far and we still need to address these issues.” 
  - Maralyn Chase, Washington State Senate (D-Edmonds)

"Washington Policy Center is an important player in state policymaking. It has earned respect and gained influence with decision makers who want to create a more efficient government. WPC was a dependable resource when I was serving in the state legislature, and I continue to value their great work."
  - Cathy McMorris Rodgers, U.S. House of Representatives (R-Spokane)

"I commend Washington Policy Center for its efforts to promote free market solutions to the challenges facing the state of Washington and our country. From health care, to education, to the environment and a lot, lot more, the Center is making a difference."
  - Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida

“I know of no other individual or public group that understands, cares and advocates for real change about this most important issue [performance management] . . . you are by far the best I have seen in our state.  Keep up the good work.” 
 - Former Rep. Mark Miloscia, Washington State House of Representatives (D-Federal Way) 

“WashingtonVotes.org is a terrific tool for both legislators and the public. Government works best in the light of day and I’m for anything that brings more transparency. WashingtonVotes.org certainly fits that bill.” 
  - Sen. Derek Kilmer, U.S. House of Representatives (D-Kitsap)

 “WashingonVotes.org provides an important means for citizens to keep track of legislation. And when they’re better informed, we can better serve them—it’s a win-win situation for people and their representatives.” 
  - Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Washington State Senate (D-Seattle)