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State Abuse of the Medicaid Program

March 1, 2010 in In the News
National Center for Policy Analysis
National Center for Policy Analysis
Monday, March 1, 2010

Government officials influencing home prices

March 1, 2010 in In the News
Snohomish County Business Journal
Snohomish County Business Journal
Monday, March 1, 2010

Roll call

February 28, 2010 in In the News
The Olympian
The Olympian
Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tolls could be added to I-405

February 27, 2010 in In the News
The Herald (Everett)
The Herald (Everett)
Saturday, February 27, 2010

State Auditor releases performance audit work plan

February 26, 2010 in Blog

While lawmakers debate ways to balance the state budget, State Auditor Brian Sonntag released today his performance audit work plan to help identify savings and efficiencies. According to the plan:

This work plan identifies 30 state government programs and functions we plan to evaluate under the authority of Initiative 900 between now and June 2013.

This plan reflects a blend of near- and long-term audits of major state programs as well as shorter-term audits that will give policymakers ideas to consider as they work to meet the state’s financial challenges. They also reflect our goal of independently and objectively identifying opportunities for cost savings, efficiencies and improved customer service . !
. .

The following programs and functions have been selected for audit, review and further consideration.

Vulnerable Children and Adults
1. WorkFirst Program Effectiveness
2. Child Protective Services
3. Child Care Licensing & Monitoring
4. Foster Care Program Performance
5. DSHS Programs: Possible Gaps and Overlaps
6. Aging and Disability Services
7. Developmental Disability Services

Public Safety
8. Crime Victims’ Programs
9. Reducing Repeat Offenses in Corrections System
10. Community Supervision of Offenders on Parole

11. Purchasing Prescription Drugs
12. Health Insurance Coverage for School Employees
13. Detecting and Preventing Me!
dicaid Fraud

Student Achievement
14. Educational Spending Patterns
15. Intervention for Low-Performing Schools
16. Comprehensive Education Data System

Postsecondary Learning
17. College Student Financial Aid Programs
18. Workforce Development

State Government Efficiency and Effectiveness

19. Opportunities to Improve State Printing Services
20. Grant Management Program Effectiveness
21. Call Center Effectiveness
22. Opportunities to Improve State Procurement
23. Options for Property Management
24. Washington Management Service and Executive Management Service

Economic Vitality
25. Results of Federal Economic Stimulus Funding
26. Master Building Licensing Opportunities
27. Workers’ Compensation System

Natural Resources g>
28. Department of Fish and Wildlife Revenue Options
29. Forest and Fish Adaptive Management Program

30. Sound Transit Ridership Projections (part of local government performance audit work plan)

Additional details on each of these planned performance audits available here.

Voter-approved taxpayer protections repealed, again

February 26, 2010 in In the News
Auburn Reporter
Auburn Reporter
Friday, February 26, 2010