WPC's Center for the Environment brings balance to the environmental debate by promoting the idea that human progress and prosperity work in a free economy to protect the environment.

Press Releases

Statement on Gov. Jay Inslee’s climate bill signed April 2

"With this legislation, Washington will begin prioritizing climate efforts based on environmental effectiveness, contributing to a cleaner world and making sure taxpayers get the environmental benefits they pay for," said WPC Environmental Director Todd Myers. "This marks an important change from past policies that were little more than symbolic gestures leading Washington state to have one of the worst records of emissions reduction in the country."

Doug Sutherland to Receive Environmental Innovator Award from Local Think Tank

Seattle – Washington Policy Center (WPC) is pleased to announce today that its 2010 Environmental Innovator Award will be awarded to the Honorable Doug Sutherland, former Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands.

Each year WPC awards its Environmental Innovator Award to groups or individuals who have helped promote innovative and effective approaches to environmental sustainability.

Cap-and-Trade Could Cost Washington as Many as 18,292 Net Jobs, $5.7 Billion in Personal Income

Seattle — Specific proposals that several Western states would implement to comply with a proposed cap-and-trade carbon emissions control pact would destroy jobs and erode income, according to a report co-released by a national economics institute and the Washington Policy Center.