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Higher Minimum Wage Would Mean Fewer Teens with a Job

September 13, 2013 in Blog

Raising the minimum wage is a hot topic in the news right now.   Voters in the City of SeaTac will decide in November whether to increase wages for workers in that city’s hospitality and transportation industries to a minimum of $15 per hour, fast food workers are striking for higher pay, and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is

Governor kicks off "soft" launch of Results Washington effort

September 10, 2013 in Blog

Today Governor Inslee put his stamp on the state's long track record with performance management efforts with a "soft" launch of Results Washington. As noted by his press release:

Gov. Jay Inslee today formally launched Results Washington, which will provide faster and easier answers to those questions and access to an unprecedented array of performance data related to his top goals.

Staples Founder Says Small Businesses are Being “Regulated to Death”

August 29, 2013 in Blog

Yesterday I participated in a “Small Business for Sensible Regulations” event with NFIB and Senator John Braun.  The event was part of a statewide series spearheaded by NFIB to highlight the national coalition’s effort to reduce the regulatory burden on job creators. 

Small Business Coalition Hits the Road to Highlight Need for Regulatory Reform

August 27, 2013 in Blog

Tomorrow NFIB and Senator John Braun will hold a “Small Businesses for Sensible Regulations” event at Braun’s company, Braun Northwest, a manufacturer of specialty emergency vehicles in Chehalis.  As the country gears up to celebrate the achievements of American workers on Labor Day, the event will highlight the regulatory obstacles businesses face today in creating jobs.

Farmer for a Day

August 15, 2013 in Blog

What do you get when you add more than a dozen lawmakers, beautiful weather, an irrigated desert, policy wonks and the efforts of the Franklin County Farm Bureau, Washington State Potato Commission and Washington State Farm Bureau?

A successful "Farmer for a Day" program in Pasco.

Surprise! Paid Sick Leave Is Costing Seattle Employers, Employees and Consumers More

August 14, 2013 in Blog

 A survey by the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) on Seattle’s paid sick leave ordinance reveals the policy is increasing the cost of doing business.

What Happened to Inslee’s “Working Washington?”

August 9, 2013 in Blog

On the heels of The Seattle Times printing my guest editorial explaining how little support Inslee and many lawmakers in the House showed for policies to foster job creation this past legislative session, come two more editorials pointedly asking what happened to Inslee’s much touted “Working Washington” plan. 

SeaTac Employer Says $15 Living Wage Would Put Him Out of Business

August 3, 2013 in Blog

One employer who would be impacted by passage of the proposed “living wage” ordinance in SeaTac, scheduled to go before voters November 5, says the new mandate would put him out of business.

So Much for Creating New Jobs

July 29, 2013 in Blog

Last week Boeing announced it will move more jobs out of Washington State.  The announcement is one in a series by Boeing over the years that has diminished the company’s workforce in Washington State. 

How Long Will Seattle Hold Ranking of 2nd Best City to Start a New Biz?

July 23, 2013 in Blog

In a ranking of the best cities to start a new business, tax-planning startup GoodApril awarded Seattle the #2 spot based in large part on the state’s nonexistent income tax. 

But Mitch Fox, co-founder of GoodApril, warns taxes are just one of many factors that influence where businesses locate and whether that business will be successful.