2014 Missed Votes Report for Legislators Released

Contact: Lisa Shin
lshin [at] washingtonpolicy [dot] org 

WashingtonVotes.org has released its annual Missed Votes Report, detailing missed roll call votes on bills for every legislator during the 2014 Legislative Session.  

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2014 60-day Regular Session Quick Facts


-Number of Roll Call votes in the House:  515

-Number of Bills Introduced in the Legislature: 1,372

-Number of Roll Call votes in the Senate: 396

-Number of Measures Passed by the Legislature: 237

-Number of legislators who didn’t miss any of these votes:  90

-Number of legislators who missed more than 50 votes:  3

*number of bills includes resolutions and memorials

WashingtonVotes.org Director Franz W. Gregory said “lawmakers finished this year's short 60-day session on time and, in terms of voting activity, accomplished a lot with a total of 911 recorded roll call votes.  For the 2013-14 session cycle, 2,228 roll call votes were taken in all. Only three legislators missed more than 50 votes during this session, and 90 lawmakers --25 in the Senate, 65 in the House-- have a perfect roll call record, which is up significantly from last year, where only 53 lawmakers had a perfect roll call record.” 

“There are many reasons why legislators miss votes, such as civic or public service obligations, legislative negotiations and medical and family emergencies,” Gregory explained. WashingtonVotes.org contacted the legislators from both chambers combined who missed the most votes and gave them an opportunity to explain why they missed votes. 

A PDF version of the 2014 Missed Votes Report and responses from legislators who missed the most votes is available online. 

WashingtonVotes.org’s real-time Missed Votes Report database is also available online. Tallies are available for every year back to 2002. You can see reports from previous years by changing the date criteria at the top of the page. Click on a legislator’s name for detailed information about the votes he or she missed. 


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