Greens: There is No War on Cars...They're Just Evil

August 27, 2014

The Sightline Institute praised Seattle's transportation chief's recent comments rejecting the notion of a "war on cars." They tweeted their approval this morning.

Where would people get the idea that Sightline and other greens support a war on cars? OK, admittedly the first comment on the blog re-tweeted by Sightline says "Even though I personally think we should have a war on cars (rocket launchers anyone?)..." But, I mean, beyond that, where would people get the sense there is a war on cars?

So, other than Sightline saying that car ownership makes people crazy, expressing surprise that car ownership would actually increase, complaining that cars take up more space than a bed (and then the same person celebrating efforts to make life harder on motorists) and King County employee Tom Watson using his taxpayer-funded job to promote "Undriving," it is unclear how people might get the sense there is a war on cars.