GM Halts Production Of Chevy Volt

March 2, 2012

From TPM:

General Motors has informed 1,300 employees in Detroit, MI, that they will be out of work for at least five weeks as the company suspends production on its Chevy Volt electric car, the Detroit Free Press reported on Thursday afternoon.

“Even with sales up in February over January, we are still seeking to align our production with demand,” GM spokesman Chris Lee told the newspaper.

GM sold 1,023 Volts in February and 1,626 for the year total, according to the Detroit Free Press, compared to 7,621 in 2011, the first year it was available for sale. The 2011 total came in at less than GM’s estimated 10,000 units. GM also revoked its projections that the car would sell 45,000 units in 2012, the Chicago Tribune reported hours before the news that production had been halted.