Greens: Tax Cuts Are “Too High a Price to Pay” to Address Climate Change
Feb 11, 2016

For years the environmental community has argued Washington is facing a "climate crisis," that we cannot wait any longer to act and we must be willing to pay a price to fight climate change. This week, however, their story changed. Arguing against I-732, the revenue-neutral carbon tax initiative, a representative for the Seattle environmental community said a tax cut is "too high a price" to pay to reduce carbon emissions.

Ironically, she then went on to say the tax cuts weren't large enough to prevent businesses from leaving the state.

That's just the beginning of the contradictions in their statement this week...

Medal of Honor recipients offer teachers lesson plans on courage, commitment, sacrifice, integrity, citizenship and patriotism
Feb 11, 2016

On Tuesday, March 1, the Medal of Honor Character Development program is holding a free teacher training conference in character development at the Talaris Conference Center in Seattle, details here. All middle and high school teachers, and counselors, coaches and administrators are invited to attend.



New report says general purpose speeds on I-405 have ‘generally gotten worse'
Feb 10, 2016

A new report from global traffic data company INRIX shows that travel speeds on I-405 have “generally gotten worse” for many drivers. According to the report, the preliminary analysis shows “extended peak hour conditions for most segments in the peak direction of travel for those in the general purpose lanes.” In addition, the analysis “suggests that post-toll speed improvements on I-405 are isolated to vehicles that already experience the least peak hour congestion.”