Why rural Washington is fed-up with Olympia and Seattle
May 22, 2017

Urban enviro-imperialism describes the growing trend where a population with no connection to rural life believes they have superior knowledge and ability to manage rural communities and the environment. Rarely do these urban dwellers actually enjoy nature or visit a farm. Still they believe their prescriptions are the best solutions. The veto by Governor Jay Inslee of Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1504 is another example of urban Washington pushing costly and damaging policies onto rural Washington families. 

When these special interest politics take control of priorities, our rural families and communities will continue to be hurt by putting urban idealism ahead of rural reality. Simply put, those that feed us are fed-up with urban enviro-imperialist policies coming from Olympia and Seattle that hurt rural homes and rural families. 

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WPC Board Member and Seattle business and tech sector leader on Seattle's income tax plan
May 19, 2017

At Washington Policy Center, we view this proposal as not only one that will hurt Seattle businesses and residents, but also a way for income tax advocates to try to circumvent the legality of an income tax. Washington residents have voted NO nine times to instituting an income tax in our state. The City Council is merely trying to take this issue to court hoping to create a slippery slope that inhibits business growth and stunts personal finance growth. 

Washington Policy Center Board Member and managing director at Madrona Venture Group, Matt McIlwain, issued the following letter to the Seattle City Council about their plans to pass an income tax on Seattle citizens.

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Does Medicaid Really Provide Better Clinical Outcomes?
May 18, 2017

The expansion of Medicaid provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) began in 2014. Reports are now coming out on the clinical impact of Medicaid on newly-insured patients. Headline and sound-bite pronouncements lead a person to believe the Medicaid expansion has made a tremendous difference. The reality is somewhat different.

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