Proponents of Obamacare Admit There Are Problems
Jul 28, 2016

Secretary Clinton’s health care advisors are now on record admitting that Obamacare has serious problems. Chris Jennings is a Democratic health care advisory and believes the Medicare "buy in" option for people aged 55 to 65 could be an answer to the poorly functioning Obamacare exchanges.

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UW study on Seattle’s $15 minimum wage:  Part 7—Beware the “negative, unintended consequence” of a higher statewide minimum wage
Jul 27, 2016

This fall, voters will have their say on whether the state’s minimum wage should be higher than the current $9.47 with annual increases indexed to inflation. Initiative 1433 would increase the state minimum wage to $13.50 by 2020, as well as mandate paid sick leave for every worker.  But voters should heed the warning of the University of Washington (UW) researchers hired by Seattle officials to study the impact of that city’s $15 minimum wage law.

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