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Richland School Board bans Critical Race Theory racism in its schools
Nov 29, 2022

In response to concerns in the community that Critical Race Theory and other racist ideas are being promoted in public schools, education leaders in Richland have clarified school policies on protecting basic civil rights and treating all students with equal dignity.  Last month, on October 25, the Richland School Board voted 4-1 to pass Resolution 2360, a policy with title “Race, Culture and the Curriculum.”  That resolution makes it clear that CRT and racial discrimination against students will not be tolerated.  It includes the following provisions:  

“…no student shall be taught that their skin color determines their ability to succeed…” 

“…no student shall be taught that their race determines their moral character;” 

“…no student shall be taught that their race makes them responsible for past transgressions of their race….” 

“…no student shall be taught that their socio-economic status or U.S. citizenship status makes them superior or inferior to others.”   

The resolution also provides that Richland students will be taught factual U.S. History, not political indoctrination.  In addition, students are to be taught the facts about historical racial conflict, but they will not be indoctrinated in the false belief that the U.S. is fundamentally or systemically racist.    

It is encouraging to see school board directors in Richland responding to the concerns of parents to keep children safe from hurtful racist ideas in school classrooms.  Richland joins the growing list of districts in Washington protecting their students from the false, harmful and divisive elements of the CRT ideology.    


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Rulemaking is final, but authority to require a vaccine still unclear
Nov 23, 2022

In June, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee dictated that there would be a permanent COVID-19 vaccine mandate in our fair land that extended beyond the reach of his emergency powers. When the Legislature convenes in the new year, our other elected representatives need to try and swim the moat to take that unfair requirement away. I was told it might be possible with a budget proviso.

For now, rules have been written — effective Nov. 4 — and a COVID-19 vaccine is now required for taxpayer-funded employment in state executive and small cabinet agencies. 

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