House committee votes to cancel local property tax cut
Jan 17, 2017

A House committee voted Thursday on a bill to cancel a property tax cut scheduled to reduce local tax rates in 2018.

Members of the House Committee on Appropriations voted 17 to 15 along party lines to send HB 1059 for consideration by the full House.  Democrats voted for the bill while the Republican members voted against it, saying they wanted to keep the promised property tax cut on track.

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Dueling paid family leave bills
Jan 17, 2017

Paid family and medical leave is emerging as the business issue du jour this legislative session.

SB 5032 would provide up to $1,000 per week for 26 weeks for a child’s birth or adoption to care for a family member and another 12 weeks of paid leave for the individual’s own health condition.  Workers could apply for both benefits in the same year, meaning they could receive 38 weeks of paid leave in one year.  Employees would be eligible for the paid leave after working just 340 hours (that’s an average of 6.5 hours per week). 

Across the political aisle, Senator Fain has sponsored SB 5149, which would allow 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave, phased in over three years.  The first year of the law’s implementation in 2020 would mandate 8 weeks of paid family leave, followed by 10 weeks in 2021 and 12 weeks in 2022.  Like SB 5032, workers could use the leave for a child’s birth or adoption, to care for a family member or to recover from their own health condition.  Employees must work 26 weeks (6 months) to become eligible for the paid leave. 

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