Don't Kill Orcas With Kindness
Jan 18, 2018

With recent deaths of Southern Resident Orca, there is new urgency to increase the supply of salmon and steelhead on which they feed. The Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council (SRC) – of which I am a member – was asked to prioritize efforts to improve the number of fish for orca in the Sound. We offered five items, but two stand out.

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Capital budget and Hirst clean water access bill scheduled for vote by lawmakers this week. Carbon tax bill gets public hearing.
Jan 17, 2018

The Senate has scheduled floor debate on the Capital Budget (SB 6090) for this week, along with a possible “Hirst” clean water bill (SB 6091) that was passed out of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources and Parks late last week.

House and Senate leaders have continued to work on a compromise bill to create temporary regulations to allow new household wells for at least some new residents in areas that are now barred from access to clean drinking water by last year’s state Supreme Court Hirst decision.

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Major changes to people’s initiative process proposed
Jan 17, 2018

A bill being considered by lawmakers would make major changes to the people’s initiative process. SB 5386 (Strengthening the initiative process by providing for more comprehensive review before initiatives receive ballot titles) was heard by lawmakers last session but not acted on. It is being reconsidered this session and is scheduled for a public hearing on January 19. Among the changes proposed by the bill are increasing the filing fee from $5 to $500 and allowing anyone to file a legal challenge before voters act on an initiative. 

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