State lawmakers picking up the pace as first deadline looms. Senate passes anti-fracking bill, plastic bag ban measures advance out of committee.

With 33 days of this year’s scheduled 105-day regular session behind them, state lawmakers are picking up the pace of legislative action on some of the more than 2,100 bills they have introduced so far.

The first deadline of the session is Friday, February 22nd. Bills that don’t make it out of committee by then are likely dead for this session.

Following cancellations caused by snow storms earlier this week, legislative committees resumed a full schedule of public hearings on dozens of bills, including a controversial proposal to exempt legislators from state public transparency laws (SB 5784). Open-government advocates, including Eastern Washington citizens who weighed in via remote testimony, strongly criticized the measure in a hearing before the Senate Committee on Government, Tribal Relations, and Elections on Wednesday. The committee took no action on the bill.

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California's multi-billion dollar lesson for Washington
Feb 15, 2019

Although Governor Inslee insists that “any mistakes [California has] made, we’re going to put it in the bank and learn from it,” choosing to move forward with overrated high speed rail and dragging the state into years of future debt seems evidence to the contrary.

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Green New Deal: Agricultural silence
Feb 15, 2019

The Green New Deal (GND), a proposed plan to “guide” legislation during the next decade, and supported by Washington’s Governor, has not gotten the outraged response from the agricultural community it deserves.

In a fact sheetprovided to National Public Radio, authors of the GND confirm there will still be greenhouse gases in 10 years’ time because they’re sure they can’t “get rid of farting cows” that quickly.

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