Zillow "Study" on Sea Level Rise Ignores the Science
Oct 19, 2017

Five thousand homes are at risk, says the article published by KIRO 7 News. Sea level rise, caused by human-induced climate change, is the cause. If sea levels rise by six feet, says the report, “the prediction would be for 5,000 underwater homes across Puget Sound.” Zillow Senior Economist Aaron Terrazas told KIRO 7, “one of our aspirations is to bring awareness of the risk of climate change to the real estate community and to homebuyers.”

There is a big problem though. Their projections are, essentially, made up.

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Time for mileage tax supporters to put their cards on the table: Constitutional protection or not?
Oct 18, 2017

The 18th amendment, which guides and restricts spending, is treated as an afterthought by government officials in the current mileage tax debate.

In reality, it is the number one issue surrounding any new funding mechanism that is promoted as a replacement to the gas tax. A funding mechanism that is not protected by the 18th amendment serves an entirely different purpose than the gas tax, and it is disingenuous to claim otherwise.

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Survey shows CEOs prefer to be in a right-to-work state
Oct 18, 2017

As everyone awaits Amazon’s decision on where the company will locate its “second, but equal” H2Q headquarters outside of Seattle, some have questioned whether the company will choose a right-to-work state.

Amazon is one of the country’s largest nonunion employers, and unions have tried, unsuccessfully, for over two decades to unionize Amazon.   The retail giant has so far proven impenetrable to organized labor, successfully fending off unionization efforts since the company was founded in Seattle in 1994.

It’s no secret that Amazon wants no part of a union workforce.  Of course, Amazon isn’t alone in considering unionization and the constraints that come with it to be bad for business.

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