Medicaid - The Social Welfare Piggy Bank
Nov 15, 2018

Medicaid began in 1965 as a safety net health insurance entitlement for low-income families with children. It is funded by both state and federal taxpayers (even though these are the same people) with state control tightly regulated by the federal government.

Over the years, Medicaid has expanded dramatically to include long-term care, those with disabilities, low-income seniors who are also in Medicare, and now with the expansion under Obamacare, able-bodied people 18 to 64 years of age without children. No surprise, the cost of Medicaid has likewise increased dramatically from $1 billion in 1970 to $577 billion in 2017. One out of every five Americans is now in Medicaid and the program is one of the top two budget items for every state.

Yesterday, Secretary Azar of The Department of Health and Human Services announced that hospitals may be able to pay for housing and food for low-income individuals using Medicaid dollars. In other words, an entitlement that started as a health insurance safety net is now expanding to essentially include wealth redistribution.

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We accept this major award
Nov 13, 2018

We are always proud when honored with a major award.

In his end of the campaign awards, Jim Camden of the Spokesman-Review gave us honorable mention for saying the carbon “fee” in Initiative 1631 was a carbon “tax.” He says this gave off the “powerful odor of mendacity,” because a “fee must be used for something connected to the item or activity being charged.” The money from 1631, he argued, could only have been used to address climate issues.

We admit it is an odd award because Jim himself calls money protected by the 18th Amendment of the State Constitution a “gas tax,” and not a “gas fee.” I’m sure he will correct that going forward. Unlike the fee formerly known as the “gas tax,” money from 1631 would not have been constitutionally protected and could have been used for any purpose the legislature desired.

We are happy to accept the award for pointing out this reality.

Here is the full transcript of our acceptance speech.

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After WA carbon tax failure will greens look for success or stick with dogmatism?
Nov 8, 2018

Once again, a carbon tax proposal has failed in Washington state. Environmental activists have nobody to blame but themselves for their failure, and the lesson of this string of defeats is that pushing hard-headed ideology and politics on the public is not an effective way to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

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