Proposed budgets increase funding for science-based salmon projects but don't remove regulatory barriers
Feb 23, 2024

Budget writers from the House and Senate have released their supplemental budgets to spend about $2 billion in additional funds from improved revenue forecasts and the CO2 tax. Some of that increase is dedicated to increasing funding for projects that restore salmon habitat. The vast majority of the funding comes from the Capital Budget, with a few small projects funded in the operating budget.

The programs that receive the additional funding provide science-based grants rather than the recent trend of adding funding for politically targeted projects. This is good news.

Here's what the proposed budgets mean for salmon in Washington.

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Patient access demands abandoning Washington state’s Certificate of Need program
Feb 22, 2024

While other states are leaving their Certificate of Need (CON) requirements behind, Washington keeps inflicting its health system with an outdated policy that the federal government gave up long ago. 

A CON requirement is a costly, time-consuming permission slip from the government needed to start or expand health care services. It is also influenced by players in the current health care market. (Seriously. Imagine asking McDonald’s if it was OK to open another burger restaurant nearby.) 

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