California bans Freelance workers and now Washington State want to do the same
Feb 16, 2020

Despite the problems with California Assembly Bill 5, legislators in Washington State filed their own version of the troubled legislation. Senate Bill 6276 is an attempt to bring similar, bad employment law to Washington State.

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Lawmakers quicken their pace in Olympia, passing a flurry of bills ahead of next legislative deadline

A bill to allow sports betting in tribal casinos (HB 2638) passed the House late Thursday night with a bipartisan 83-14 vote, just two days after it was approved by the House Appropriations Committee. Under the bill, non-tribal business owners would be excluded. A last-minute amendment by Rep. Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen) was approved to add an emergency clause to the bill, which would make the bill, if enacted, effective immediately and prevent a statewide referendum vote on it. Opponents said that expanding gambling should not be considered an emergency and that the emergency clause would likely be challenged in court.

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Democrats appear set to kill charter school equity bill
Feb 14, 2020

I am hearing that Democratic leaders in the House including Rep. Timm Ormsby (D-Spokane), Chair of Appropriations, have killed HB 2788, which would end funding discrimination against charter school families.

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