Block Grants for Medicaid - A Reality in the Near Future?
Jan 19, 2020

Health care free market advocates have long supported block grants to states for Medicaid financing. The Trump Administration is poised to release guidelines for block grants in the near future. A block grant would give a fixed amount of federal taxpayer money to each state and allow that state to use that money as it saw fit for its Medicaid program.

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SB 6067 would reduce pointless state regulations that keep the best teachers out of public schools
Jan 17, 2020


Most parents don’t know that Washington state law imposes hundreds of pointless rules that keep the best teachers out of public schools.  SB 6067 would eliminate one such rule.

The ban on hiring good teachers does not apply to private schools.  This is one reason private schools are consistently better than public ones.  A Harvard Graduate School of Education study found that a formal teaching certificate “matters little” in raising student classroom achievement.[1]

By the way, money is not the reason private schools are generally better; on average public schools receive more funding than private ones.

Reducing limits on hiring good teachers

SB 6067 moves in the right direction by repealing RCW 28A.410.280, a rule in place since January 2014 that makes teachers jump through a hoop called the edPTA, a 70-page exercise that comes with a hefty $300 fee.  Teachers at private schools are not required to take this test.

Better yet lawmakers should allow any qualified professional to be hired at a public school.  It is a little silly that Bill Gates, Jr. can’t teach math in a public high school; he doesn’t have state-approved certificate.

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Senate Democrats rush through plastic bag ban and imposition of California’s car emissions rules in first days of session

Meanwhile, lawmakers have already introduced nearly 1,000 new bills for the 2020 session, including measures that would restrict the power of the people to vote on initiatives and referenda (HB 2529), and to dictate what kids can eat and drink in restaurants (HB 2383). A bi-partisan sponsored measure (SB 6462) would re-affirm the constitutional prohibition against imposing local income taxes.

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