Farm to Free Market and Market to Farm
Feb 16, 2018

“Farm to free market is important, but so is market to farm.”

Those were the words of the Honorable Maurice McTigue on Thursday, February 8th to over 250 people gathered in Pasco at our Second Annual Farm to Free Market Dinner. McTigue was a former member of New Zealand’s parliament and is currently the Vice President of Outreach at the Mercatus Center, a market-oriented think tank at George Mason University.

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Legislative focus sharpens as cutoff deadline passes
Feb 16, 2018

The latest legislative update from 

Legislative focus sharpens as cutoff deadline passes. Latest revenue forecast projects $1.3 billion more in state tax collections through 2021.


Lawmakers are eying the finish line for this year’s 60-day legislative session, after passing more than 550 bills out of their originating chambers in time for last Wednesday’s cutoff deadline. With the exception of budget-related measures, bills that did not make this deadline are in all likelihood dead for the 2017-18 legislative cycle.

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And the Most Disingenuous Statement of the Year Award goes to...
Feb 16, 2018

David Rolf, president of the powerful Service Employees International Union 775 (SEIU) in Washington state, recently made the laughable claim that, “I don’t know much about” the package of union-backed bills sailing through the Legislature (HB 2751 and SB 6229).  He then nonchalantly portrayed that another union bill (SB 6199), which would dump more than $2.5 million every year into SEIU’s bank account, is merely a happy coincidence and that SEIU is cautiously supportive of it.

In an interview on The Seattle Times’ weekly political podcast, The Overcast, Rolf dismissed concerns the union bills are seen by some “as a gift to SEIU, a major Democratic donor.”  Instead Rolf, who is widely considered the nation’s leading union strategist and has been crowned “the most successful union organizer of the past 15 years,” acted as though he knew very little about the bills that have garnered the censure of daily newspapers across the state as “political favoritism.”

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