Predictable Health Insurance Premium Increases
May 19, 2016

Washington state officials released the premium rates the health insurance companies requested for plans sold in 2017. All 13 insurers asked for rate hikes from 7.4 percent to 20 percent, with an average based on enrollment of 13.5 percent. This is no surprise.

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Court's Climate Order Demands State Make "A Recommendation"
May 19, 2016

It was touted as a "Massive Victory" in the effort to reduce carbon emissions. King County Superior Court Judge Hollis Hill ruled in favor of seven children who argued, "The climate crisis presents an urgent situation that the youth petitioners cannot wait on." The Governor issued a statement praising, ironically, the court's ruling against his administration. In a statement, he noted, "This case is a call to act on climate, and that call is one that has been a priority for me since taking office."

A closer look at the ruling, however, shows it is yet another symbolic victory that is long on the crisis mentality and short on thoughtfulness.

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More jobs lost due to a $15 minimum wage
May 17, 2016

As if any more evidence is needed that an artificially high minimum wage will result in fewer job opportunities for the lowest skilled workers, comes news of more job reductions, courtesy of the $15 Now movement.

Wendy’s is the latest in a long line of food service establishments to announce it will begin replacing workers with self-service ordering kiosks to reduce labor costs.  The move comes after many locations have increased prices to offset the wage hikes.  The company is also preparing to launch mobile ordering and mobile payment, another labor saving move. 

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