Weekend buzzkill: gas tax and licensing fee increases take effect this Friday

This holiday weekend, commemorate your independence by paying more in taxes. On Friday, July 1st, your gas tax and car licensing fees are going up.

The state gas tax will increase 4.9 cents per gallon, bringing us to a total of 49.4 cents per gallon and giving Washington the unflattering status of having the second highest gas tax rate in the nation. The federal excise tax is 18.4 cents (24.4 cents for diesel fuel), bringing the total gas tax in Washington to 67.8 cents.

And that’s not all.

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The Republican Health Care Plan - A Good Starting Point for Health Care Reform
Jun 24, 2016

The Republican Party recently released its broad health care reform plan, a 37 page white paper. This is one of the planks of the party’s overall government reform platform entitled “A Better Way.” The party is calling the plan the “beginning of a conversation for 2017” and not a specific bill. The plan is the culmination of six years of work that began after the passage of Obamacare in 2010.

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