Governor signs bill moving Washington’s presidential primary date to March. Bills on health care, energy restrictions, public employee unions survive the cut after key session deadline.

Governor Inslee on Thursday signed SB 5273, to move Washington’s 2020 presidential primary from May to March and require voters to register by party. The bill passed both houses of the legislature earlier this session with mostly Democratic votes. The governor’s action came just days after he officially announced his campaign for U.S. President.

Also on Tuesday, state senate Democrats pushed through SB 5078, to require candidates to disclose their federal tax returns before their names could appear on Washington’s presidential primary ballot. The vote was 28-21, with only one Democrat, Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-Mason County) who caucuses with Senate Republicans, voting against it.

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An inside look into WPC's visit with Ben Franklin Transit leadership
Mar 15, 2019

We are grateful that BFT gave us nearly two hours of their time to share information about their agency, offer candid feedback on our study, and listen to our concerns. We hope that other transit agencies across the state take similar opportunities to engage with all members of the public, including those with whom they disagree.

BFT offered their perspective on their role in the Tri-Cities community, explanations for the inverse relationship between falling ridership and rising costs, the challenges of being classified as a large urban transit system, and the value they place on their relationship with labor unions.

These are a few thoughts on some of those points.

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WSDOT plan to bond toll revenues will make traffic congestion worse
Mar 14, 2019

I was able to testify today on House Bill 2132, which would authorize bonding of toll revenues to raise $1.5 billion for corridor improvements on I-405 and SR 167. In addition, in a similar fashion to House Bill 1899 and Senate Bill 5825, it is the third bill that removes the speed performance goals for the I-405 corridor.


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