"An Act Relating to Revenue"
Jan 16, 2018

Two very exciting bills were introduced today (HB 2780 & HB 2797). These proposals both called "An Act Relating to Revenue" could end up being the largest tax cuts in state history. Or maybe they'll impose the largest tax increase we've ever seen. Or perhaps they'll simply offer Seattle residents a rebate for paying the new city soda tax. One thing we do know for sure, both bills are basically blank canvases with full text currently saying: "The legislature intends to enact legislation concerning revenue." These bills are  known as "Title Only" bills. Not only are title only bills not the norm across the country, they basically exist to circumvent the state constitution’s protection for transparency on new bills within last 10 days of session. 

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Regional planners want billions in higher car tabs, tolls and mileage taxes
Jan 12, 2018

In their recent update to the regional transportation plan, planners at the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) are making big assumptions about how much money they could get from taxpayers between 2018-2040.

Their updated draft transportation plan depends on nearly $40 billion in new taxes, fees and tolls. This includes an indexed fuel tax, carbon tax on fuel, new motor vehicle excise taxes, facility tolls, and a Road Usage Charge - which alone makes up nearly 70% of assumed new revenue.

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