WA Cares’ benefit isn’t keeping up with the cost of care

It’s becoming painfully clear that the lifetime benefit attached to the state’s mandatory long-term-care program will not be adequate even for Washingtonians who someday qualify for WA Cares' dollars. 

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the cost of home care rose 14.2% in the last year alone. Industry leader Genworth Financial found increases between 1% and 10% across various long-term care (LTC) facility types in its most recent Cost of Care Survey, continuing an upward trend seen the past several years. “The most substantial cost increases occurred in home health aide and homemaker services costs,” a March 12 press release said. 

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Medicare-related volunteers get recognition

Medicare is a big government program. It’s detailed. It’s confusing. And people in our state actually volunteer to deal with it for people other than themselves! Rockstars.

They’re called SHIBA volunteers (Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors). Gov. Jay Inslee just proclaimed May 19-25 “SHIBA Volunteer Recognition Week.” 

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“The Parent Revolution” by Dr. Corey DeAngelis is an education reform thriller
May 22, 2024

“The Parent Revolution,” a new book by Dr. Corey DeAngelis, is an education reform thriller. 

Corey DeAngelis does a masterful job of describing the dramatic ups and downs, ins and outs, of the passing of school choice bills across the nation. 

He accurately describes the education choice tidal wave that has swept the nation since the end of extended COVID school shutdowns in 2020-21. These school choice victories now offer families between $4,600 and $8,000 per child to customize education to fit the needs of children. Legislators in forward-looking states are now allowing parents to hire tutors, buy books and online curricula, tap learning specialists, and pay private school tuition, all tailored to each child’s circumstances. Twenty million students, thirty-six percent of American school children, now live in states with access to public aid to attend a private school through enlightened school choice laws.  

I know better than anyone that reading about public policy can be dry as dust. But Dr. DeAngelis writes an exciting story. One chapter, titled “West Virginia goes from 0 to 100,” provides a stirring account of how lawmakers in a union-dominated state overcame reactionary forces to push reform forward. In 2019 state senator Patricia Puertas Rucker, Chair of the Senate Education committee, convinced the state senate to pass her bill to offer 1,000 needy families in an Education Savings Account (ESA) with up to $4,600 per child to pay for private education. 

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