State employee unions rally for [redacted] pay raises
Aug 30, 2016

Tomorrow (August 31) at noon state employee unions are holding a rally at the state capitol to encourage the Governor to agree to a secret deal for "meaningful" pay raises. The hundreds of millions of dollars question for taxpayers is: What does "meaningful" mean? Because the talks are conducted secretly behind closed doors we won't know until the bill comes due. These type of state compensation decisions haven't always been made in secret. In fact, prior to 2002 all budget related decisions were made during the public legislative process allowing full transparency and the potential tradeoffs to be debated.

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Land grab by SeaTac city officials reveal the more realistic threat to our freedoms
Aug 29, 2016

We often hear fears expressed about Americans losing their constitutional freedoms, that some dark political force will shred the Constitution and end protection of basic rights in our country. Such grand conspiracies are rightly seen as unlikely at best, or as positively nutty at worst.

A recent case in the City of SeaTac, however, shows that concerns about losing our basic rights are not so far-fetched after all, and that the greatest threat to core freedoms may come from the ambitious schemes of local officials, rather than some imagined break-down in national order.

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ICYMI: Democrat Senator Reuven Carlyle challenges Sound Transit officials to rethink their ST3 financing plan

On August 11th, State Senator Reuven Carlyle wrote a guest op-ed that caused transit boosters to all but implode.  

Senator Carlyle’s offense was observing that Sound Transit 3 (ST3) consumes “all the oxygen in the room for virtually all other public services at all levels of government for years to come.”

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