How close were lawmakers to passing a transportation tax package?

March 14, 2014

In response to Governor Inslee’s press conference, Senator King (R-Yakima), Co-Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, said in a press release today that the MCC continued to move closer to the House’s proposal, and said the governor violated a confidentiality agreement on transportation negotiations.

Senator King also released a document highlighting the three biggest roadblocks to the transportation package: returning sales tax to transportation, multimodal spending, and how to pay for environmental aspects of road projects. This document also shows where the respective sides were on an issue at any given point in time.

For instance: On December 18th, the MCC wanted to keep $593 million in sales tax dollars for transportation purposes, but the House only agreed to $480 million.

You can find where the two sides were at any given point in the image below: