Joel Connelly: Seattle's War on Cars is driving people to Bellevue

August 20, 2012

In this recent article, even liberal PI columnist Joel Connelly shares his frustration with Seattle's War on Cars:

An Eastside buddy, noting a birthday this scribe studiously sought to overlook, wanted to give me a good-natured bad time over dinner.  He proposed to do it in Bellevue.  Two words melted my hesitation: Wild Ginger.

The dinner has since inspired several across-the-lake get-togethers for business and enjoyment.

Unlike Seattle, with its 8 p.m. parking meters, free street and city parking is readily available, Bellevue.  Streets are not gridlocked due to being put on "road diets."  Sidewalks are not enduring months-long closures for construction.  The drive back across Lake Washington on S.R. 520 features a drop-dead panorama of the Olympics.

The full column is worth a read: Beating a path to Bellevue: A caution to Seattle politicians


Liking Bellevue

My wife and I have treated up to 20 family members, prior to Christmas, to trips to Seattle. We would have lunch at Nordstroms, Santa at Macys, ride the carousel, purchase gifts, etc. finishing with dinner at an Italian restrauant. Total cost to us, including parking, was close to $1000. Three years ago we tired fighting Seattle's parking and started going to Bellevue, it is much more pleasant and I spend less. Seattle doesn't want us there and I don't miss it, I avoid going downtown at every opportunity.

The market solution to

The market solution to providing automobile infrastructure is for the government to provide it gratis in unlimited quantities? Interesting.