Cambridge study: I-405 toll lanes produce less revenue and create more traffic congestion

October 4, 2012

In a new state study, the proposed express toll lanes on I-405 will produce less revenue and lead to more traffic congestion than first thought by WSDOT officials.

Earlier this year, the legislature authorized WSDOT officials to deviate from the original I-405 Master Plan and create an express toll corridor between Bellevue and Lynnwood. However, opponents were able to convince lawmakers to include a third-party feasibility study before construction.

Cambridge Systematics, INC. was chosen to conduct the study and present the findings to the Washington State Transportation Commission (WTC). WTC officials have not published the study yet but it is complete and it is available here: Eastside Corridor Independent Traffic and Revenue Study

Among the results are perhaps these most significant key findings:

  • “Narrower Range of Revenue Outcomes than Prior WSDOT Forecast.”
  • “Traffic growth drives revenue growth.”
  • “Demand will exceed capacity.”

 These findings have to be considered a blow to WSDOT officials and lawmakers who support the tolled concept over the original I-405 Master Plan.

The Cambridge study recognizes the simple truth that traffic congestion in the non-tolled lanes must exist (and get worse) in order for the tolled lanes to work.

This means only those who choose to pay the toll will experience free flow travel while the vast majority of everyone else is stuck in traffic.

Worse, the proposed toll lanes would be paid for with existing gas tax revenue originally promised to be used for the anticipated general purpose lane expansion found in the I-405 Master Plan. This means that drivers, who paid the higher gas taxes, would not receive any benefit unless they fork over even more money and pay the toll.

With less revenue and higher traffic congestion, it will be interesting to see how lawmakers respond and if they pull the plug on an express toll corridor and instead implement the original I-405 Master Plan that was approved in 2002.

The I-405 Master Plan  calls for up to two general purpose lanes in each direction and according to the WSDOT includes the following benefits:

  • Accommodating an additional 110,000 trips per day.
  • Reducing time stuck in traffic by more than 13 million hours per year – an average of more than 40 hours a year for each regular user of I-405.
  • Producing travel time savings valued at $569 million a year.
  • Removing chokepoints and weaving traffic movements will improve safety by reducing side and rear collisions.
  • Enhancing freight mobility with better interchanges, travel time savings and updated technologies.
  • Providing economic benefits through construction. Each $1 billion spent on transportation construction generates 47,500 jobs, according to the USDOT.
  • $5.40 returned to the economy in congestion savings for each $1.00 invested in highways , also according to the USDOT.


Orwellian 1984 at work...that's why

You know...this is classic Orwellian, Big-brother society at work...Here's the carrot, yes, want to travel for free in the new car pool lanes, great, no problem!! Just put this transponder in your car, and away you go, no fees, no charges, just make sure you have three people in your car...Okay, what's the catch? There could never be something for free, right? Of course not. The catch is now you have this electronic device in your car that tracks your every movement. Think big brother? You betchya! Think tax by the mile, down the road? (no pun intended)... You betchya! Think evasion of privacy, since the government knows your vehicles location at all times...You betchya! Think higher insurance rates, when the government shares your driving history with the insurance company and they in turn jack your rates up, based on knowing your driving habits...You betchya!

For all the rest of the three-person carpoolers...You have adequate amount of people in the carpool lane, but don't want to be tracked and traced...No problem, just pay up sucker! Pay $10 everytime you take your kid to soccer practice, or pick you mom up from the nursing home to go for lunch and a walk, or God forbid you try to make it to work on time!

For all the two person car-poolers...You probably get the worst end of this, since you are now criminals for using the new THREE-person car-pool lane "during peak hours of course". Oh yeah, for non-peak hours, make sure you get your digital tracking device attached to your car, or be prepared to pay up for using the car pool lane too, by getting a bill mailed to you!!

For everyone else...well, you shmucks just get placed in the worst highway parking lot yet! for one partial solution

I 405 Toll Lanes

The wacky just keep getting wackier! What have tolls accomplished so far? The pontoons for a bridge to nowhere. Does anybody really believe the folks in Montlake will let the DOT ever finish 520 as envisioned? Let's talk tunnel. The big dig has begun or will shortly and the state has decided that $4.00 a pop may drive traffic out onto the surface streets of the City. Is anyone but the DOTs or is that DOLTs surprised? Give it up! Re-build I-405 the way it was originally planned with two more general purpose lanes in each direction. Who knows. Maybe I-5 congestion will be relieved thereby making room for all those tunnel avoiders.

I405 study

This is GREAT news, and what I have been saying all long. I can't believe a toll lane was even proposed. This was and is a STUPID idea. Putting a toll lane on an already congested I405 from Renton to Bellevue would be a joke. The freeway only has 2 general purpose lanes and is a traffic nightmare. The 2002 masterplan was a well thought out plan, and the RIGHT plan. I can't believe some idiots tried to pull this on us. It is time everyone lets our leaders know enough is enough! We want 2 general purpose lanes each way!! WIDEN OUR FREEWAY!!!!