Washington Policy Center's 2012 Annual Dinner

WPC's October 15th Annual Dinner welcomed 1,100 guests in Bellevue, with another 500 gathered in Spokane. Attendees in Bellevue heard from national pollster Scott Rasmussen, who delivered an informative insider account of the national election (text available below). Attendees in Spokane heard from political analyst Ed Rollins (video below). Speaking live via simulcast to attendees in both locations, keynote speaker and Columbia Award recipient Daniel Hannan complemented the night’s speakers with a riveting speech on America’s current course. In his speech, Mr. Hannan articulately noted that we must not abandon the principles, freedoms or liberties that have shaped our great nation.

Daniel Hannan, Columbia Award recipient and statewide dinner speaker

Ed Rollins, Spokane dinner speaker

Download PDFs of Annual Dinner speeches:

Daniel Hannan

Scott Rasmussen, Bellevue