The market is destroying plastic waste

Almost all of us have heard of the rampant pollution of the oceans with plastic bags, but what you may not have heard is the creative ways in which people are solving the problem. In more developed countries, pollution and waste is fairly minimal due to systems in place to help recycle and reuse old plastics and other materials, but this isn't the case globally. Fortunately, a Chilean company is helping create products that take care of themselves!

Solubag seeks to create sustainable, eco-friendly bags that use a water-soluble material without relying on crude oil for creation. Once you're done using the bag, you can simple put it into water and stir. The result is a complete dissolution of the bag, leaving no harmful plastics behind. The potential impact of this is huge! These bags could replace the usual plastic bags sold in retail or grocery stores in countries where there are fewer opportunities to safely dispose or recycle plastics. This budding company doesn't only have its sights set on bags, however, as they tout the long-term growth this dissolving material could have expanding into other areas: gloves, masks, food containers, and more.

Once again, we see innovative people creating solutions to the biggest problems our world faces. Rather than top down, governmental approaches and edicts that actively harm the environment, the most effective changes happen through voluntary cooperation thanks to the free market.

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