Free Markets Destroy burglaries and home worries with a drone security cam

The marketplace is using technology to protect your home from thieves. But this time it’s with a twist – from the air. Ring’s newest home security cam is an automatic drone that can fly around inside your home to give you real-time pictures of any room when you’re not there. Once it’s done flying, it comes back to its dock to charge. The cost for this newest security device is $249.

Destroying isolation with the free market

With technology platforms such as Zoom, Discord, and Twitch, people have been able to connect with each other even in this time of separation. While conferencing software like Zoom was and is being used for professional purposes, it has allowed friends and families to see each other, celebrate birthdays, and catch up even with social distancing restrictions.

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How free markets in education destroy ignorance

Years ago, an abused and abandoned little boy was placed in state care.  He suffered from learning delays, was hyper-vigilant and nervous, had been diagnosed with ADHD and attachment disorder and was highly distrustful of adults.  He was placed in our home as a foster child.  After a few months his behavior had stabilized enough to attend first grade in a formal classroom.

Free markets destroy slow or non-existent internet

Millions of kids are starting the school year off at home, where virtual learning will be required. But what happens if they don't have a strong enough internet connection - or no connection at all? T-Mobile is announcing plans to spend $10.7 billion to provide free high-speed internet to all students who are part of the free and reduced-price school lunch programs.