Free markets leading to COVID vaccine

Pfizer recently announced it had successfully tested a COVID-19 vaccine.  That is good news, and it did not happen because of socialism.  The breakthrough was made possible by Operation Warp Speed, the program to use free market forces to solve the nation’s worst public health crisis.  The key element of the program is cutting regulations and liberating private-sector innovation.

When clients’ needs change, the free market delivers

The free market is all about addressing needs of people and when a global pandemic strikes, those needs can change drastically. Like so many other businesses, United By Blue was shut down by the COVID-19 lockdowns for months. The Philadelphia-based apparel store is marked by its organic, eco-friendly clothes, but due to the lockdowns they were unable to do business as usual. That’s when they brainstormed a way to help out the needs of their community around them and keep their lights on.

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Free Markets Destroy food waste

Every year countries around the globe see millions of tons of food lost, wasting water along with it. This not only a loss for food that could be purposed for human consumption, but also contributes to environmental waste. Fortunately, entrepreneurs have seen this problem and thought of creative ways to tackle the issue. UW Graduate Austin Hirsh is one of many bright minds looking to create solutions through his new startup. 

Free Markets Destroy inefficient public transit

Imagine public transit that picks you up near your home or work and takes you to your destination quickly and without unnecessary stops or transfers, guaranteeing you arrive at your destination by the time you pick. And, not only is it more responsive to rider demand, it costs taxpayers less, and reduces environmental impact.