Market alternatives empowering patients

Health care seems like a complicated mess. Costs are high, insurance is confusing, and between all the legislation and bureaucratic nonsense, our system has fallen far from a free-market solution. Many chant the benefits of socialized health care, but as we can see the outcomes there usually end up with higher mortality and longer waits for specialists. Fortunately, the free market is trying to destroy high prices and long wait times.

Companies like Ro and Fair Market Health are creating ways for patients to interact directly with medical professionals and get easy access to specialized care. For example, Ro (which recently acquired a company to help them send at home diagnostic kits) connects you to doctors to help you figure out symptoms, recommend treatments, and even ship prescriptions directly to you. All of this is done directly between the doctor and patient, keeping costs reduced. Fair Market Health allows patients to seek out specific procedures that they need, find high-quality care providers to administer them, and only worry about paying a one-time fee. 

The more options like this appear, the more choice consumers have, the better prices and quality of service will become.

Being able to have the freedom to negotiate and choose alternatives leaves the power in the hands of the consumer. As high-quality medical technology becomes more accessible to people at home, more options come into a free market that can bring about better outcomes." 

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