Free markets destroy wait times

Free markets have built some of the best ways to have fun with family and friends, and as life is returning to normal there are more and more opportunities to go out and enjoy a meal, show, or experience with others. Many of us, however, aren't naturally planners, but enjoy the quick, spontaneous inspiration of a last minute activity.

For those people, new apps like FunNow have seen more and more success. Showing nearby things to do, places to eat, and sites to see, FunNow can help people book last minute spots to share high-quality experiences with their friends. Services like this are amazing at helping connect people with nearby fun things to do. As FunNow takes off, competing apps like Klook, PickTime, and more, providing healthy competition to allow for better deals. As these services grow, the potential for partnerships with other companies for advertising, discounts, and more becomes a more attractive, accessible, and possible reality. With a customer base to cater to, the entrepreneurs behind FunNow will continue to create a better user experience:

“We kept innovating, developing the app, developing more functions and also acquired a great team in Southeast Asia, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and also in Hong Kong,” said Chen. “We wanted to raise money now so we can expand market share as soon as possible, once the pandemic is under control.”

He added that COVID has changed consumer habits. For example, people now use online bookings more since walk-ins are discouraged in many places, and they prefer the convenience of FunNow over a phone call. People also started taking advantage of times when the COVID situation is relatively under control to do things like get salon services.

Continual improvement, connecting with others, and making experiences more accessible are all features of a free market.

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