Free Markets Destroy tech privilege

When the first iPhone released in 2007, it caused waves among consumers. It was the major pioneer of modern smartphone design and changed the landscape of both business productivity and mobile recreation. On launch, it cost $499 for the lowest end model with only 4GBs of storage space.

While for a while Apple dominated the smartphone market initially, competitors have sprung up left and right. Premium phone models of the age make the 4GB iPhone seem like a distant memory. The availability of high-quality, well-built smartphones for cheap is a highly competitive market. Companies such as OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, and even Google have been jumping in on providing the highest quality experience without breaking your wallet. With offerings such as the OnePlus Nord, the Pixel 4a, and the Realme 6, smartphone user experiences on a budget are no longer compromised – you can get sixteen times the power of the original iPhone for half the cost! 

Though the headlines often focus on the skyrocketing prices of the top end, luxury phones, nowadays high-end phones are just that – luxuries. Whereas buying mid-range to low-end phones used to result in a poor experience with fast decay, the competitive pricing and high-quality offerings have pushed this range of smartphone models to give consumers far more for less.

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