Free markets destroy pain

Chances are you or someone you love struggles with natural pain that comes from the natural processes of being a woman. While pain medications are an option for some, many prefer not to opt into a drug based solution to their pain. Thanks to the free market, alternative solutions for pain remediation and management exist. 

For general management, all kinds of digital apps are competing to be the best provider to help women track their cycles and periods. Default Health Apps that come with Google or Apple phones have tracking functions, but now the market has competitive companies that are using AI technology and more to provide the most accurate data to the user. This gives consumers the freedom to choose which app works best for them and puts them on top with the most accurate data to make their healthiest decisions.

Even pain associated with menstrual cycles is being destroyed by the market. Ovira, an Australian based company, has created the Noha device which uses pulses to help reduce and eliminate pain for all women - even those for whom painkilling drugs don't work. A different company, Nannocare, creates NannoPads which use infrared tech to emit electromagnetic energy back into your bloodstream to similarly relieve pain, all drug free. Most stores you go to also have options for natural supplements to mitigate pain, from herbal remedies to vitamin assortments.

Natural pain can be a bummer, but creative individuals have already been able to find ways to help take down cramps and more thanks to free enterprise. 

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