Free markets destroy bad roads

Without the government, who would fix the roads? Well, maybe the answer to that question is...Domino's Pizza? In 2018, Domino's Pizza launched a program called "Paving for Pizza" in which they went to cities in all 50 states with grants of $5,000 to help repair roads. Their aim was to build goodwill, as well as make the roads more accessible for pizza deliveries. Cities were not required to build roads around Domino's locations, however, and neither were they required to use the stencils for the Domino's Pizza logos provided for pothole fillings. 

Admittedly, this isn't a total solution for all the potholes across America. In our current system, there isn't a sustainable way for private companies to generate revenue to fix the roads on a massive scale, since the government is responsible for that. Even still, just a glimpse into what voluntary, market-based solutions could look like for roads is surprisingly positive, and pretty tasty to boot.

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