Even socialists love the free market

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made waves at the Met Gala by wearing a designer dress prominently displaying the words "Tax the Rich" on the back. While these words are rallying cry of those who would deride the benefits of free market capitalism, one can't help but balk at the irony of this message coming out of an event whose minimum ticket price was $35,000, not to mention the cost of the designer dress. In and of itself, this costly exchange for a ticket to an event and exclusive dress demonstrates that in a free market you're free to create opportunities, products, and more to appeal to all kinds of people. If there's demand and people have the means to provide for what you're creating, both parties are better off. 

Although AOC may seem to be spreading a message somewhat antithetical to promoting market cooperation by imposing taxes to punish profit, her actions speak louder than her designer dress. As Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank says, "Inside of every socialist, deep down there's a capitalist screaming to get out." Not only is AOC a consumer of high ticket luxury items, she offers others the same chance by selling sweatshirts with that same "Tax the Rich" slogan. The catch? The sweatshirts cost $67, well above the production cost. See why O'Leary break it down below and offer to join her business venture, "I only want a 7% royalty!" 



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