Destroying driving hazards with the free market

Modern day cars come packed with high tech features that were unthinkable even just fifteen years ago, making them more efficient, convenient, and safe. Not everyone has the bandwidth to be able to afford a brand new car, however, and especially for newer, younger, or lower income drivers, buying older, used cars makes the most sense. Thanks to Nextbase, customers will no longer need to sacrifice nearly as many of the safety and convenience features when doing so thanks to their new dash cam.

While the Nextbase iQ comes with features you might normally expect, such as navigation guides, voice activated features, and road condition alerts, it also is accessible remotely to confirm where the vehicle is in real time - whether it's being loaned to a family member or you need to figure out where it's parked. Furthermore, Nextbase says using its AI technology integrated in, it can monitor nearby cars distance to alert the driver to create space or other potential warnings, and even issue an alert if it detects the driver is sleepy or not alert. 

While all these features are incredible on their own, the fact that this device is being made to retrofit older vehicles means that this disproportionately helps those who don't have the luxury of upgrading their older vehicle. As with so many innovations that come from the private sector, it creates new opportunities and accessibility for those who don't have the most money in society. 

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