Local business destroying electronic waste

When a cord wears out or a USB drive breaks, how quick are you to toss it out and order a new one? A Scottish company called Remade Network is hoping to catch all that extra electronic waste and repair and re-purpose it into communities.

Being inspired from living in Nepal living with minimal waste, Sophie Unwin set to create a network of different repair centers that set up in communities cooperatively. People can come in and bring in broken tech to be repaired, saving them the money of buying something new. They also accept donated tech which they can give away charitably if the donor has no more use for it. Their success has had them expand and move to multiple locations.

This seen issue for the community being addressed by entrepreneurs has helped reduce waste, created new jobs, and helped people spend less on buying entirely new tech. Free markets provide voluntary ways for communities to address needs in a sustainable way, all the while saving money for the customers too.

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