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Senator Nelson calls for “WPC Rule” for Senate hearings

March 17, 2015 in Blog

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Sharon Nelson said she plans to ask for a Senate rule to require “fair and balanced” hearings.  She specifically cited the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, chaired by Senator Michael Baumgartner, as a primary offender.

When pressed for an example of why such a rule is needed, Senator Nelson said:

When you have a hearing it should be fair and balanced and both sides should be heard, versus having the WPC present on a bill and not have someone from the other side presenting on the same bill.”

More Evidence of the Unintended Consequences of Mandated Paid Sick Leave

March 16, 2015 in Blog

A recent article in The News Tribune (Tacoma) featured a headline declaring, “Businesses elsewhere report few problems with sick leave laws.”  The crux of the article is that business owners in Tacoma should not panic about that city’s impending paid sick leave law because some business owners in other cities with paid sick leave mandates say the regulat

Puget Sound Regional Council data reveals transit does not relieve traffic congestion

March 13, 2015 in Blog

An increase in transit use does not reduce traffic congestion, according to new information provided by the Puget Sound Regional Council. According to the PSRC report, transit agencies across the Puget Sound region logged an 11% boost in ridership between 2010 and 2014, yet delay on the region’s freeways increased a whopping 52% in the same time period.

See the PSRC report, “Stuck in Traffic: 2015 Report,” here.

Hundreds of bills die as key deadline passes; lawmakers turn to passing budget and transportation measures

March 13, 2015 in Blog

Lawmakers have introduced 2,338 bills this session.  After Wednesday’s deadline for passing bills out of their house of origin, 323 House Bills and 348 Senate Bills are still eligible for further consideration, not counting budget and transportation matters, which will be taken up later in the 105-day Regular Session that is scheduled to adjourn on April 26th. 

Payday loan bill, climate change amendment spark heated debate in state senate

March 11, 2015 in Blog

Though the session started quietly, state senators this week engaged in lengthy and often heated debates on bills brought to a vote in the full senate. Today is the last day for consideration of bills in their house of origin, except for budget and transportation matters.

New charter school to open in Kent

March 11, 2015 in Blog

Excitement is building in Kent as the opening day for the community’s first charter school approaches.

Seattle's $15 wage law a factor in restaurant closings

March 11, 2015 in Blog

As the implementation date for Seattle’s strict $15 per hour minimum wage law approaches, the city is experiencing a rising trend in restaurant closures.  The tough new law goes into effect April 1st.

The closings have occurred across the city, from Grub in the upscale Queen Anne Hill neighborhood, to Little Uncle in gritty Pioneer Square, to the Boat Street Cafe on Western Avenue near the waterfront.

Tri-City Herald Editorial Hits the Nail on the Minimum Wage Head

March 10, 2015 in Blog

Today the Tri-City Herald published an excellent editorial warning against legislation (HB 1355) that would increase the state’s minimum wage to $12 an hour.

In the opening salvo, the editorial notes that Washington state has some “drawbacks,” with “one big problem” being that “we are not business friendly.”

The Cadillac Tax will Impact Government Employees and Taxpayers

March 10, 2015 in Blog

Local taxpayers could face a large tax increase when the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) “Cadillac Tax” on health insurance plans begins in 2018. This new tax will impose a 40 percent excise tax on health insurance plans the ACA sees as too generous, defined as $10,200 per year for an individual and $27,500 per year for a family. The cost of a health insurance plan above those amounts will be subject to the 40 percent tax.

Is a One Percent Reduction in Air Pollution Next Decade Worth Blocking Transportation Package?

March 10, 2015 in Blog

"What does that mean for real people? For a start, it imperils the health of Washington state residents." That is the way Sen. Pramila Jayapal described clauses in the Senate transportation package requiring legislative approval for a low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS).

Senate Committee Passes Out Most Significant Labor Reform in Decades

March 9, 2015 in Blog

During the first two months of this legislative session, the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee passed out a series of bills that represent the most significant labor reform in decades. 

Enough Never Is for the Minimum Wage Movement

March 9, 2015 in Blog

It has been one week since the state House passed legislation (HB 1355) to increase the state’s minimum wage to $12 over four years and still there is grumbling that workers need more.

Why is $72 million electric trolley suddenly missing from transit campaign in Spokane?

March 6, 2015 in Blog

Spokane Transit officials want voters to provide them with $300 million in new revenue via a major sales tax increase in a proposed ballot measure this April. The proposal is part of STA’s “Moving Forward” package. If passed, the sales tax would increase from 8.7% to 9% for most purchases, a rate that approaches the sales tax officials charge in Seattle. 

Legislature reaches halfway mark in quiet session so far. Lawmakers busy passing bills before next deadline on March 11th.

March 6, 2015 in Blog

Washington’s legislative session reached its midpoint this week on Thursday, the 53rd day of this year’s scheduled 105-day regular session. Major issues, such as education funding, a final transportation plan, and the state’s operating budget for 2015-17 still lie ahead. In the meantime lawmakers are moving legislation on other topics forward at a rapid pace.