Seattle Times says charter school families deserve equitable funding

Feb 10, 2020

The Seattle Times is calling on the legislature to support HB 2788 and SB 6550, to correct “the systematic underinvestment in these [charter] public schools specifically intended to support young learners from underserved communities.”  In plain terms, a bipartisan group of forward-looking lawmakers, bravely led by Rep. Eric Pettigrew, Democrat from Seattle, want to end the state’s policy of funding discrimination against charter school families. 

Their argument is based on simple fairness.  Charter schools are popular with parents, teachers and students, especially in urban communities with low-performing schools.  These families are not looking for special favors - they just want to be treated like everyone else.   The full editorial is well worth reading.  For analysis on these bills see my Legislative Memo, “HB 2788 and SB 6550, to reduce funding discrimination against charter school families.”