A special message on mask policy at the WPC Annual Dinner events...

Sep 22, 2021

To all our valued WPC supporters and friends,

Due to COVID variants we once again approach our highly anticipated WPC Annual Dinner event in the midst of changing pandemic rules and health guidelines at the state and federal levels.

As a result, we have fielded questions about what to expect at the events. Those with health concerns want assurances that we will follow the state and local guidelines that require masks indoors except while seated and eating. Others are concerned about overreach of government regulations and what they see as an erosion of their basic liberties.

In an ideal world, we could accommodate guests’ views by allowing them to assume their preferred level of risk. However, as we so often note elsewhere, we live in a world of trade-offs. WPC has taken a strong stance on the need for state emergency powers reform and against arbitrary rulemaking, but we are required to follow state and local guidelines for events in order to protect our guests, staff and hotel partners. These are terms we agreed to when we signed our hotel contracts and went forward with these large, in-person events.

Accordingly, all Annual Dinner guests are required to wear masks while attending the event until they are seated and eating. If you are uncomfortable with this requirement, we suggest you use the virtual attendance option.

Thank you for understanding and for honoring this request so we can all gather and celebrate free markets in our state on WPC’s 25th Anniversary.



Dann Mead Smith

President, Washington Policy Center


Download a copy of this letter here.



Federal, state, and local health guidelines and/or mandates require masks be worn over the nose and mouth for those attending events like Washington Policy Center’s Annual Dinner. Accordingly, all guests will need to wear masks unless seated and eating. Those who forget their mask will be offered a mask prior to entering the event. WPC has made a virtual ticket option available for those who are uncomfortable with the mask requirement or whose health status prevents them from attending physically. Thank you for honoring this policy as WPC tries to navigate ever changing rules in our return to in-person events.