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Vanpool Fact-of-the-Day #16

October 16, 2009 in Blog

are very inexpensive to operate. In between 2000 and 2007, the six regional
vanpool agencies spent $114 million to serve 837 million passenger miles. This
means operating costs were only .14 cents per mile.

Vanpool Fact-of-the-Day #15

October 15, 2009 in Blog

the seven years between 2000 and 2007, the six vanpool agencies in the Puget
Sound area spent $50 million in capital infrastructure. This is 18 times less
than the same six bus agencies, 12 times less than Sound Transit’s Express bus
system and 20 times less than the Sounder Commuter Rail.

Vanpool Fact-of-the-Day #14

October 14, 2009 in Blog

Sound area vanpools are 2½ times more efficient than Sound Transit’s Express
bus program.

WPC reaches Arkansas

October 14, 2009 in Blog

Arkansas State Representative Mark Martin has adapted our 5 Principles to a Responsible Transportation Policy to fit his state. You can read his blog here: Off the Marble

Notice how easy it was for him to transition our material to fit Arkansas. It shows how pervasive the problems in transportation planning have become.

Vanpool Fact-of-the-Day #13

October 13, 2009 in Blog

Sound area vanpools served four times more passengers for one-seventh the cost
of Sound Transit’s Sounder Commuter Rail. King County's vanpool program alone carries more riders than Sound Transit's entire commuter rail, and for $1 billion less.

Vanpool Fact-of-the-Day #12

October 12, 2009 in Blog

Traffic congestion in the Seattle region is predicted to double and
reach the levels of present day Los Angeles by 2030, with or without light

Vanpool Fact-of-the-Day #11

October 11, 2009 in Blog

Sound Transit is spending more than thirty
years and nearly $40 billion to build a system that will only serve about 2.4
percent of all trips.

Vanpool Fact-of-the-Day #10

October 10, 2009 in Blog

a global recession and unemployment rates doubling to nearly 10 percent the
following year, passenger demand in the first quarter of 2009 grew to about 1.5
million trips, a 16 percent increase from the first quarter of 2008.

Sound Transit loses money but doesn't reduce service?

October 9, 2009 in Blog

In today's Seattle Times, Mike Lindblom has a story about the impact of the recession on Sound Transit. The agency now expect to come up $3.1 billion short in revenue over the next 15 years.

But the agency is also quick to claim they will not reduce service promised to voters.

Why does it take a global recession to force Sound Transit to find $3.1 billion in efficiency?

Vanpool Fact-of-the-Day #9

October 9, 2009 in Blog

Sound vanpool agencies reported passenger demand grew by 52 percent between
2000 and 2008.